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How We’re Different:

If you believe in excellent medical care with personal attention provided by an experienced and world renowned surgeon and his caring staff, you have found the right clinic! Our goal is to give personalized, top quality medical care to each and every patient. Unlike other clinics, we do not overbook our schedule for office visits or surgeries. PATIENTS ARE NOT JUST A NUMBER TO US. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT EACH AND EVERY PATIENT DESERVES PROPER TIME AND CARE... [more]

How We’re Different
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ACD Testimonials

Patient Mark Price, back at what he loves to do after ACD surgery peformed by Dr. Schiffer. The patients in the Testimonials list below have had the same procedure as Mark Price pictured in the photo above.



Dear Dr. Schiffer:

On November 27, 2001 you performed a two level anterior cervical discectomy on C4-5 and C6-7 at the Blackhawk Surgery Center in Danville, California. This procedure has allowed me to be pain free with no loss of mobility whatsoever. For the past several years I was in pain 24/7 until I was referred to you by a friend in Lake Tahoe who also had spine surgery performed by you. Your website was given to me for a great reference to a outstanding surgeon who is at the cutting edge of technology and who really "cares" about his patients well being. Immediately I filled out the questionnaire on your website to see what kind of response I would get. To my surprise, within 24 hours you called to inform me that I was a excellent candidate for this procedure. That process was my first step to a pain free life, "thanks to you."

After experiencing a fall in a parking lot and two car accidents that caused severe whip lash, my symptoms included headaches, facial numbness and tingling, arm & hand numbness & tingling and severe pain and stiffness to the back of the neck which was short term with high maintenance. After suffering with neck pain for years it was time to search for an alternative solution that would allow me to be pain free and would not require a hospital stay or have a lengthy recovery.

I have to say that "I did my homework" before selecting you and your team at the Blackhawk Surgery Center. I am very proud of myself for selecting you as my surgeon. Not only are you a well-trained neurosurgeon but you also provide your patients with the newest techniques for minimally invasive spine surgery that is not offered in most towns. The staff in your office are always professional and are eager to help when needed. Everyone involved at Blackhawk including the nurses and anesthesiologist are compassionate and friendly.

Immediately after waking up from neck surgery I was PAIN FREE. It was unbelievable. It is 13 months later and I am still plain free and have full mobility in my neck.

I am a fortunate woman to have had the opportunity of being able to take advantage of great medicine. We live in a world that is constantly developing new techniques and procedures for all to benefit from. Since this experience was such a success for me, I hope that anyone who is suffering from chronic neck pain gets the chance to have surgery by you, Dr. Schiffer. It certainly would change their life, mine has.



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