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How We’re Different
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ACD Testimonials

Patient Mark Price, back at what he loves to do after ACD surgery peformed by Dr. Schiffer. The patients in the Testimonials list below have had the same procedure as Mark Price pictured in the photo above.


Dear Dr. Schiffer,

I am writing to let you know how incredibly wonderful I feel after having my ACD/CED surgery that you performed on my C5-6 and C6-7 discs on March 9, 2004. Immediately following the surgery, I was able to use my right arm and hand again. I cannot begin to express to you, your staff, and the Pleasanton Surgery Center staff how thankful I am for the exceptionally attentive care that I received.

I sustained cervical injuries in December 1997 when I was hit from behind by another car. Since the accident occurred I had been in physical therapy without much success. In 2000, the neck pain was getting increasingly worse and had also begun to affect my thoracic region, right arm, and hands as well. I had an MRI performed which showed several herniated disks. I was told to continue physical therapy and was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. Also, due to pain, I was not able to sleep for more than a few hours each night. Unfortunately, the never-ending pain, lack of sleep, and inability to exercise regularly began to make my situation much worse. I went back to my physician to try to explain how much my condition was affecting my work, and everyday life. My hand strength was growing increasingly weaker. I was told that my hand and arm pain was not related and was put into hand/arm physical therapy, After 6 months of this physical therapy there were still no improvements. At that time, was prescribed antidepressants since chronic pain and lack of sleep can cause severe depression. However, after three and a half years of physical therapy for my neck and thoracic region, my condition continued to get much worse.

By July 2003, I began having numbness in my hands and right arm. I had another MRI performed that showed that the condition of my herniated disks had indeed worsened and was causing compression of nerves. Again, I was re-assigned to more physical therapy, traction, and a cervical epidural. The epidural increased the pain in my right arm and had. At this point, I realized that all that was being treated were the symptoms and not the cause of the symptoms. I requested a referral to a neurosurgeon. I was told by the neurosurgeon, who was the department head of a major university hospital neurosurgery department, that I would need double level discectomy surgery with fusion. However, due to my relatively young age he suggested that I get a second opinion to see if any other surgical treatments, other than what techniques the university hospital use, are available. I requested a second opinion and was seen by a neurosurgeon at another Brain and Spine Institution. Again, I was told by a second neurosurgeon that I would need a double level discectomy with fusion.

I am 36 year-old genetics research assistant. After being told by two neurosurgeons that surgery was required for my disc problems, I began to utilize my research skills for my own well-being. Fortunately, I discovered Dr. Schiffer’s name and contacted his email via his web page. Within a couple of days I received a call from physician assistant. I sent my MRI films via overnight mail to Dr. Schiffer. I received a call from Dr. Schiffer within a few days with great news. He stated that he would be able to do the surgery without fusion. This was fantastic news for me since I had always lived a very active lifestyle before my car accident had occurred 6 years earlier. I enjoyed hiking, biking, tennis, skating, fishing and jewelry making. I had not been able to enjoy any of these activities since my accident. I was very hopeful after my call with Dr. Schiffer that I may soon be able to return to a lifestyle that was pain free.

Within approximately one and a half months after my first contact with Dr. Schiffer’s staff, I was on my way to California from Michigan for my surgery. My experience with Dr. Schiffer, his staff, and the staff at the Pleasanton Surgical Center was the first rate. Everything I experienced exceeded far beyond my expectations. I had a pre-surgical consultation that consisted of a physical exam and a detailed discussion of the surgical technique. The next day I had my surgery. While in recovery, just hours after I had my surgery, I was amazed at how much of my hand strength and arm range of motion had returned. A nurse remained in the room with me the entire night to make sure that I was not experiencing any discomfort.

Because it had been greater than 6 years of having herniated disks and pinched nerves, a lot of my pectoral and trapezius muscles have atrophied thus causing me a more lengthy recovery. However, even with this interference to my recovery, the first three months of my recovery after surgery I could feel improvements daily. It has been a little over three months since my surgery and my only regret is that I did not have it done sooner. My neck and arm pain is gone. My range of motion is better than it has been in over 4 years and I feel great. My reasons for writing this letter are firstly to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Schiffer, his staff and the staff at the Pleasanton Surgery Center, secondly to inform anyone who is suffering as I had, that the minimally invasive micro surgery and endoscopic surgical techniques that Dr. Schiffer uses are far better than the fusion surgery that is currently being used by other neurosurgeons, and thirdly that other neurosurgeons observe the successes of the minimally invasive techniques and adopt them in their own practice or promote them in their surgery departments. I believe that I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Dr. Schiffer perform my surgery. I believe Dr. Schiffer’s surgical technique is the gold standard for damaged disc surgery. I would like to see other people with disc problems have the chance to receive the same minimally invasive treatment that I did and not have to settle for the limiting surgical procedure that includes fusion that is currently being used by most neurosurgeons.

Thank you for the great care.

Theresa Kijek.



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