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How We’re Different:

If you believe in excellent medical care with personal attention provided by an experienced and world renowned surgeon and his caring staff, you have found the right clinic! Our goal is to give personalized, top quality medical care to each and every patient. Unlike other clinics, we do not overbook our schedule for office visits or surgeries. PATIENTS ARE NOT JUST A NUMBER TO US. WE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT EACH AND EVERY PATIENT DESERVES PROPER TIME AND CARE... [more]

How Weíre Different
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ACD Testimonials

Patient Mark Price, back at what he loves to do after ACD surgery peformed by Dr. Schiffer. The patients in the Testimonials list below have had the same procedure as Mark Price pictured in the photo above.

To all prospective patients of Dr. Schiffer:

In 1999, I was injured while carrying a large beam on the job site. After almost a year waiting for approval from the Workman' Compensation Carrier I was granted approval for surgery. Dr. Schiffer did cervical endoscopic discectomy on three levels of my neck. Because of such a lengthy period of inactivity extensive therapy was required. I returned to work at my normal occupation as a sheet metal worker, which often requires heavy lifting, and things were going great. The surgery was a great success.

Unfortunately, after working approximately eight months I had a terrible bout with kidney stones, and after four hours of intense pain and total body contractions, my wife took me to the hospital. There was a re-injury of the same three levels, which required additional surgery. May of 2002, Dr. Schiffer performed open surgery on those discs. After a 7 plus hour surgery I feel that it was as successful as it could possibly be. Although a career change is in order for me, I believe Dr. Schiffer saved the articulation of my neck. Because I believe that fusion of the vertebrae is the last alternative, I praise Dr. Schiffer for sparing me from the procedure.

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone in a similar situation to not hesitate in having Dr. Schiffer perform your surgery. Dr. Schiffer is one hell of a surgeon. Although I did not purposely wait to write this testimonial, the lapsed time between this testimonial and my surgery, it has only serve to strengthen my esteem of Dr. Schiffer and his entire staff. Thank you Dr. Schiffer and all involved.

Michael E. McCaghren and family

P.S. Feel free to call.


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